The first step to starting any small group at ICC is to attend Small Group Leadership Training. Training is available online and at every campus during Step Two of the Growth Track, which is held the second and fourth Sundays of every month. The next step is to register your small group online so others can find your group. Small Group registration opens up a few weeks prior to the start of each semester. If you still have questions about launching your Outreach Small Group, please let us know.

Your group should be built on your spiritual gifts, interests, and areas of passion. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions to help you launch your small group around your God-given purpose.


  • What are you good at doing and love to do?
  • What individuals, ministries or organizations around you could benefit from your skills?
  • What needs in your community seem to stand out to you above others?


Neighborhood landscape group
Teaching healthy nutrition
Nursing home visits (prayer, worship, crafts) After school tutoring
Language classes (Spanish / English)
Disaster Response Preparedness
First Aid / CPR
Missionary support
Shut-in ministry
Computer skills
Job interviewing & employment skill training
Arts & music for underprivileged kids
Clothing drives
Cooking for a cause (homeless, sick, etc)
Home repairs for the elderly or disabled
Teacher helpers
Blankets for the homeless
Community gardening
Home decorating on a dime
Care packages for hospitalized, sick children, foster kids
Coffee & prayer for police and firemen
Hair care for cancer patients, elderly or low income
Support local ministries administrative needs
Hospital prayer groups
Monthly car wash for local school faculty
Celebrate a teacher each week at a local school
Hospital Prayer Visits in the ER or NICU
Weekly activity for Children’s Hospital or Children’s ward